Rolling Stone Lists BTS Album On Their Best Albums Of 2020

The album helped so many fans through bleak times.

2020 has been a challenging year for many. With so many different difficult situations and events happening, lots of people have turned to music as a source of escapism from the reality around them, or as a beacon of hope in what can be bleak and challenging times.

Rolling Stone magazine has just published their list of the “Best Albums of 2020”, which ranks their top 50 musical albums from the year.

Their introduction to the list is, “The phrase ‘Life sucked, but great records got us through’ could apply to any number of recent years. But, in 2020, music was hit especially hard, with clubs closed and tours canceled. Out of necessity, this became a year about turning inward, listening deep and looking for solace.” It’s no wonder that many musical artists used the state of the world as inspiration for their music, and wrote lyrics and melodies on the topic as a way of coping.

The BTS album that ranked on the list, however, is their early-year album Map of the Soul: 7. While their latest album, BE, leans much more heavily into the themes of loss and uncertainty due to current times, Map of the Soul: 7 is no less inspirational and uplifting, and it’s no surprise that it was ranked on this coveted list!


Here’s what the magazine has to say about the album:

Seven years on top of the world, and yet BTS still make it all sound like they’ve only just begun to shine. The South Korean pop kings didn’t water down their style (or language) to conquer America — they just won the audience on their own terms. On Map of the Soul: 7, their most complex and personal album yet, they keep pursuing their loftiest creative ambitions. Map lives up to its title with heartfelt individual confessions like Suga’s rap-star space fantasy “Interlude: Shadow.” But the high point is “Moon,” Jin’s wonderstruck love song to the audience, where he pledges his devotion over jangling guitars.

— R.S.

The album is ranked on the list at #16, which is impressively high on a list of 50 albums! Congratulations to BTS for being recognized on this huge chart.

Source: Rolling Stone


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