Jin Switched To “Angry Hyung Mode” When BTS’s Meeting Got Interrupted

He wasn’t about to let the interruption go unaddressed.

When Jin says, “hey, stob it!“, you’d better stop it right now!

As the oldest member of BTS, Jin has seniority, but he doesn’t use his age-given authority very often.

He lets his members get away with nearly everything…

…but sometimes he just wants them all to pipe down! In times like this, Jin switches from his usual “fake maknae mode” to angry “hyung mode” in the blink of an eye.

In the behind the scenes for Episode 111 of Run BTS!, BTS gathered for a mid-shooting meeting with staff. As the staff gave instructions, a robotic arm kept making noise in the background.

“Jin hyung” whipped around in his chair and shouted, “Be quiet!”, but like his members, the robot refused to listen to him.

The audacity! What good is being old if you can’t boss the young ones around?

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