BTS’s “Run BTS!” To Collaborate with Producer Na Young Suk’s “The Game Caterers”

Who’s excited for this collaboration?

BTS will be working together with producer Na Young Suk for a special collaboration!

“Run BTS!” Is a long-running BTS variety program that started back in 2015. This will be the first time BTS will be officially working together with another variety show program.

The production teams of both “Run BTS!” and tvN‘s “The Game Caterers” revealed that they have prepared a long time for this collaboration and that they are finally finished filming for it.

This special collaboration will have BTS challenging themselves with different games presented by “The Game Caterers”. The program plans to highlight each character as well as their chemistry.

This collaboration will have a total of four episodes, with the first episode airing through “Run BTS!” On Naver V Live and Weverse on May 4.

The second episode will air on tvN and “The Game Caterers” YouTube channel on May 7.

Stay tuned for this special collaboration next month!

Source: osen