BTS Collaborates With Samsung To Create A Special, Limited-Edition Gift As A Thanks To Their Fans

Get ready to make a statement with this one-of-a-kind BTS X Samsung collab.

In celebration of BTS‘s anniversary and also as thanks for their fans’ endless support, the group has released a unique and meaningful gift for ARMYs everywhere.

In partnership with Samsung, BTS has launched a phone designed with their iconic swag and style—the Samsung Galaxy S20+ BTS Edition, a joint project that was announced earlier this month. The phone is currently available for purchase in Korea, and pre-orders are being taken for the United States, Europe, Southeast Asia, and Latin America, with an official international launch set for later this week.

Photo courtesy of Samsung

For this unique project, BTS and Samsung worked together to create a phone with unique aesthetics revolving around the color purple. The fashionable design of the phone is made complete with BTS’s logo at the bottom on the back of the phone as well as a heart next to the rear cameras.

Photo courtesy of Samsung

In addition to the phone, Samsung also worked with the group to design custom wireless headphones to match the phone. Its design shares similar themes, as the earbuds feature a heart on one earbud and the BTS logo on the other while still maintaining the purple color scheme with an all purple charging case.

Photo courtesy of Samsung

The color purple is something that’s become somewhat of a running joke amongst ARMYs. It hasn’t been officially confirmed, but many fans are speculating that the color choice comes from V‘s infamous and endearing comment to ARMY nearly four years ago.

Do you know what purple means? Purple is the last color of the rainbow. Purple means that I will love and trust you for a long time. I hope I can see you for a long time just like the meaning of purple. We [BTS] will always trust you and go up [the stairs] with you. You don’t need to help us all the time. You can hold our hands and follow us. We’ll go up really high, and we will make it really nice.


Besides the particular design, another perk of the smartphone is that it comes unlocked, allowing users to use whatever mobile carrier they prefer. It also comes with the K-Pop community app Weverse pre-downloaded, allowing fans to immediately connect with the group. Additionally, it comes pre-loaded BTS themes, icons, and lock and home screen wallpapers.

The starting price for the phone is ₩1,397,000 KRW (roughly $1200 USD), and the earbuds are ₩220,000 KRW (approximately $180 USD). Purchases will also include a collector’s box as well as group photo cards. Discounts are available for bundle purchases of the phone and earbuds together, and those purchases will also include accessories such as chargers and cables, as well as other gifts such as posters, coming to a total price of ₩1,584,000 KRW (roughly $1300 USD).

BTS has collaborated with Samsung on various projects in the past, but this marks the first time that their joint product will be made more widely available outside of Asia.

We expect that the launch of these [the phone and earbuds] will be a happy gift to fans for BTS’s momentuous celebration and bring a new energy and joy to fans everywhere.

Choi Seung Eun, director of marketing for Samsung’s wireless division

The members have also expressed excitement about their collaboration and hope that their fans will share those same feelings.

These [Galaxy] products are designed with the color purple, our official logo, and hearts, and we are excited for fans everywhere to be able to enjoy them.


Even though the official product hadn’t been announced yet, the group filmed a teaser ad using and featuring the same phone model as that used in their collaboration (the phone in the video was not the actual anniversary product itself since it had not yet been announced):

Additional information on technical specifications, how to pre-order, and all other questions related to BTS’s anniversary products can be found on Samsung’s official website.

Source: Dispatch and Samsung