BTS Boosts Interest in Traditional Korean Music With “Idol”

Do you remember BTS’s special stage at 2018 MMA?

On the 26th, the “National Gugak Center” announced that they have renewed the Gugakki(traditional Korean musical instruments) digital sound service. The National Gugak Center strives to provide the sounds of Korean traditional musical instruments. Due to the lack of such service otherwise, this is particularly helpful to individuals and groups looking to produce apps and music related to Korean traditions.

The demand for this digital sound service has increased dramatically since BTS performed their hit song “Idol”, integrated with traditional Korean music on stage at 2018 Melon Music Awards. Not just within Korea, but on an international level too. Thanks to BTS’s worldwide popularity, people around the globe have taken interest in traditional Korean music and culture.

The National Gugak Center’s Gugak digital sound service has been active since 2009. They have been providing sounds of various common traditional Korean musical instruments. With the increased demand and interest, they have been able to expand their service by introducing the sounds of 50 more instruments, which are lesser known by people.

And this is all part thanks to BTS! Good on them for promoting traditional Korean culture!

Watch BTS’s special “Idol” performance integrated with traditional Korean music here:

Source: Top star news