BTS Says Their Producer Pdogg Is To Blame For Their “Impossible-To-Reach” High Notes

Jin claimed, “Pdogg gets satisfaction from extremely high notes.”

In the latest episode of Immortal Songs 2: Singing the Legend, BTS members revealed that their producer Pdogg is to blame…

Producer Pdogg | MBC

… for some of the extremely high notes that make them struggle — like in “Fake Love”! Suga first claimed that while “idol songs are generally ranged higher“…

… BTS’s are “at a shockingly high pitch.”

“Fake Love” is a really high-pitched song too. I’d say it’s closer to a female key… And some of the musicians I know became really shocked about the song… like, they would ask me how we’re singing it live while dancing too.

— Suga

V then explained that the group’s producer Pdogg is “really into high notes“.

Jin also recalled,

When I was recording the song, he told me that he gets satisfaction from when the human voice is pushed to its highest limit.

— Jin

Jungkook and J-Hope added, “Pdogg also likes the shakiness and the unsteadiness of extremely high notes” for some reason!

Thinking back, Jimin revealed that Pdogg once advised him on how to reach those impossible notes:

It was hilarious. When I was struggling with my part because I couldn’t reach the high notes… He came and told me, “Pick up your heels! Clench your butthole!” So I remember singing like this!

— Jimin

Jin also dished that Pdogg is pretty merciless and that he doesn’t let the members give up. Rather, Pdogg pressures the members to really push themselves!

He would sit outside the recording studio and shout at us like, “You can do it!!!”

— Jin

Sounds like quite the battle…

… but ARMYs get to hear some unreal, out-of-this-world vocals from BTS members. And they have Pdogg to thank(?) for that!

Watch the full clip here: