ARMYs Become Detectives As They Find Hints In BTS’s “Seasons Greetings 2022” Preview, And Here’s What They Think It Might Mean

Always trust ARMYs to look at the details!

Whenever BTS do anything, ARMYs quickly become detectives as they look through everything and try and find any hints or spoilers for upcoming schedules or releases. The group recently released teasers for their 2022 Season’s Greetings, where the members all turned into villains!

The members of BTS | BANGTANTV/ YouTube

Throughout the different videos, each of the members showcased different sides to themselves, whether it was RM as a mad scientist, V as the fate reader, or Jin as a gamer. BTS showcased just how diverse they are in videos and images that revealed a very different side to the members.

BTS’s V | BigHit Music
BTS’s Jin | BigHit Music

Yet, as expected, BTS focused on even the smallest details in the images and videos, and ARMYs were on hand to try and figure out what they could mean. In particular, many think that the details could point to the direction BTS might go for their next album!

The first thing they noticed was the colors of the Season’s Greetings box. With brighter and more bold colors, it looked like something out of the 1980s and even resembled what could be an old MP3 player or television.

In many places, that period was known for its rock music, which had fans excited that the group might be doing a rock concept. In one of the shots, the members are all dressed in outfits that seem to fit that idea.

In that same photo, although the members’ visuals are out of this world, many ARMYs knew that the backdrop was just as important, and they started looking at the posters seen on the wall.

In particular, one stood out the most and had ARMYs trying to decipher what it could mean. The orange, white, and black poster looked like something advertising a concert that would be seen on the walls of bars. Yet, the date of July 17 looked like it could mean something.

For many, they thought it could mean a possible world tour at some point, especially considering the group is set to play concerts live to fans in LA later in the month. With countries slowly starting to open and allow concerts again, the time scale of next July doesn’t seem too unrealistic to prepare for a full tour.

In the “Permission to Dance” video, Suga was reading a newspaper with the headline, “2022: The Beginning of a New Era.” Combining this with the date for next July could definitely hint that something big could happen next year, whether a tour or a brand new album with a change in music style.

| HYBE Labels/ YouTube

When the pictures were released, one user, in particular, had the perfect explanation for everything in the photos, and it definitely proved just how smart and curious ARMYs are.

Yet, some had other ideas and felt like BTS might be clowning them because it definitely wouldn’t be the first time this has happened.

Whether this could all be true or BTS truly just wanted to try a new concept for the photos, there is no denying that ARMYs would happily see a rock concept from the boys! You can watch the whole teaser video below.