BTS’s “Season’s Greetings 2022” Is Missing Something, Here’s Why

A change has been made.

It’s that time of year again; BTS is back with a new holiday package, Season’s Greetings 2022!

BTS | @bts_bighit/Twitter

Every year since 2015, BTS has released a video package with a special theme. Last year, the theme was “retro,” inspired by trends of the past. The package included a desk calendar, a mini poster, a diary, a photobook, a making DVD, an ID photo set, a Polaroid mini photo album, and a 4×6 photograph.

This year’s theme draws inspiration from rock music, punk aesthetics, and villains.

BTS | @bts_bighit/Twitter

Unlike in previous years, the making DVD will be missing from the package. Instead, its behind the scenes footage will be available for viewing online with a digital access code.

| Koreaboo & Weverse Shop
| Weverse Shop

As of yet, HYBE has not explained why this change was made, but it might have something to do with the worldwide PVC shortage. Due to supply chain issues caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, PVC, the material used to make DVDs, is in short supply and high demand.

. . .we are now in the middle of a worldwide PVC shortage which is impacting on construction, car manufacturing, food packaging and most importantly vinyl (CD, DVD and cassette) manufacturing. Not only is there a shortage (we are finding that we simply can’t get some of the standard colours for coloured vinyl) but suppliers are putting up their prices without warning.

— Independant Music Insider

Given just how many Season’s Greetings DVDs BTS sells each year, the PVC shortage could have potentially delayed or impeded the production of this year’s package. Season’s Greetings 2021 sold over 80,000 copies in its first week alone!

Although many fans don’t mind not receiving a DVD, the same can’t be said of the Weverse Shop‘s shipping fees.

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Source: Independent Music Insider