BTS’ “Map Of The Soul: 7” Is The Second K-Pop Album To Ever Achieve This On A Billboard Chart

They’ve got yet another achievement under their belt.

BTS are no strangers to the Billboard charts, constantly setting and breaking records with their achievements. This week, they’ve got yet another one under their belt: their 2020 album Map Of The Soul: 7 has just hit 52 weeks on the Billboard 200 chart, making it the second ever K-Pop album to do so—and BTS the only K-Pop artist.

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The Billboard 200 chart ranks the 200 most popular albums in the United States on a weekly basis. For the week of February 27, Map Of The Soul: 7 has claimed the 108th spot.

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The only other K-Pop album to stay on the Billboard 200 chart for over a year is their 2018 album, Love Yourself: Answer, which graced the chart for 98 weeks total. However, Love Yourself: Answer has not reappeared on the chart after the week of December 12, 2020.

Their only other album close to hitting a year is Love Yourself: Her (2017), clocking in at 44 weeks. However, as it hasn’t reappeared on the chart since the week of September 1, 2018, it’s hard to tell whether it will be the next one to hit the year mark or another album will overtake it. Nevertheless, BTS are still ahead of their competitors and may be the only K-Pop group to achieve this for a while!

Source: Forbes