ARMY Clowns HYBE For Telling A BTS “Secret” To The Whole World 

Will BTS find out?

Psst! Can you (and your millions of friends) keep a secret? HYBE wants to know!


On March 10, 12, and 13, BTS will perform PERMISSION TO DANCE ON STAGE concerts in Seoul. Fans streaming the sold-out show can scream to their heart’s content (and their neighbors’ detriment). Fans at the concert, however, must follow COVID-19 restrictions. That means plenty of dancing but no singing, screaming, or fan chants.

BTS | @BTS_bighit/Twitter

Does this mean ARMY can’t make any noise? Not quite! Today, BigHit Music announced a clapper event for ARMY TIME. Attendees will be given a clapper to cheer with during “Mikrokosmos” on Day 1, “EPILOGUE: Young Forever,” on Day 2, and “Spring Day” on Day 3.

At the bottom of the notice, BigHit Music made this request; “Please keep this event a secret until the concert to completely surprise the members!” 

| Weverse

Everyone knows that the best way to keep a secret is to tweet it to millions of followers and post it on Weverse, the app BTS frequently visits…right? As expected, fans can’t help clowning BTS’s agency for making this private event extremely public.

Well, at least the notice wasn’t posted on Instagram. If it had been, J-Hope would have seen it immediately.

BTS’s J-Hope

As both fans and his members have pointed out, J-Hope practically lives there!

Suga: the plating here is so pretty

J-Hope: it’s got a feel to it??

Suga: hey hope-ah, do you check Insta in real time

— Suga and J-Hope’s Instagram comments