BTS Chosen As Chilsung Cider Models To Celebrate 70th Anniversary

This contract is about more than marketing. There’s a special meaning behind it.

Are you feeling thirsty, ARMY? Then crack open a bottle of Chilsung Cider!

Chilsung Cider is Korea’s original carbonated beverage with a long history. To celebrate Chilsung Cider’s 70th anniversary, its manufacturer, Lotte Chilsung, has signed a 1-year contract with BTS as brand models to advertise their new peach and tangerine flavors.

BTS, however, weren’t chosen as models solely because of their brand power. The number seven holds special significance to both Chilsung and BTS. Chilsung translates to “seven stars”, and BTS’s seven stars are celebrating their seventh year together. It’s a match made in heaven!

Source: Anews