BTS Completely Sell Out All 14 North American Concerts In 3 Days

BTS tickets sold out across North America and scalpers are already advertising outrageous ticket prices.

Although it might not come as a shock to most, BTS‘s “LOVE YOURSELF” World Tour concerts in North America sold out completely in less than three days!

There were 14 shows scheduled in Newark, Chicago, Los Angeles, Forth Worth and Oakland in the US and Hamilton in Canada.


An extra show in Los Angeles was added after the initial tour schedule was released, but they are also anticipated to sell out quickly.


Tickets are already being resold online for more than USD $1,000, but the promoters have issued a statement assuring A.R.M.Ys they’ll be taking extra measures to ensure scalped tickets get cancelled.


But fans are worried about whether they’ll be considered a scalper if buying multiple tickets, or if their tickets will be taken away if they bought them from a re-seller.


A.R.M.Ys are advising everyone to do their research and only buy from verified re-sellers or from the promoter’s own website and affiliates.

Good luck to everyone still hoping to buy tickets around the world!