BTS Show Off Their Charms In These New “Visit Seoul” CFs

Each member shows travelers a different side of Seoul.

BTS is inviting travelers to choose Seoul as their vacation destination!


On September 12, VisitSeoul TV released a series of new tourism CFs, featuring BTS. In addition to an OT7 commercial, each member has his own video that highlights what activities and tourist stops Seoul has to offer.


RM‘s video takes travelers into an “old but new” country with plenty of historical and modern attractions.


Need a “city break”Jin‘s video will take you on a tour through markets and restaurants where a variety of delicious foods await.


If you’re looking to “recharge” like Suga, you can hang out at the Starfield Library, Seoul Gallery, or Seoul Botanic Garden.


J-Hope‘s highlight reel of “exciting moments” shows clips from Sinchon Water Gun Festival, Jamsil baseball stadium, and more.


Jimin‘s video gives viewers a taste of “local life” activities, such as fashion markets and bookstores.


V‘s “getaway” is all about games. In Seoul, visitors will find a VR theme park, archery cafe, go-karts, and Hangang River watersports.


Jungkook’s “scenic nature” video encourages tourists to check out Seoul Tower, Deoksugung Palace, Naksan Park, Moonlight Rainbow Fountain, and much, much more!


Watch the OT7 “Visit Seoul” commercial here: