BTS Shares Behind-The-Scene Stories For The Making Of “BE”

They put their heart and soul into this album!

BTS, who recently released their new album BE, has participated in all aspects of this album from the song production, videography, styling, packaging design, and more. The members took some time to talk about some behind-stories of the process of how their album came about.

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The members worked as project managers and revealed their honest comments and thoughts about the entire process.

They prepared keyword boxes and answered various questions regarding their album. Let’s take a look at some of the answers from the members!

Before making this album, you’ve all shared your personal thoughts about BTS. What did you think or feel when we decided to make this album?

J-Hope: I was actually just in a daze, so when I saw the plan for the album I thought, I should include all the emotions I’m feeling right now in the album. So I started the album making with those emotions in mind.

It feels like BTS’s daily life would be different from other people’s. Did you find a new regular daily life of your own?

RM: Honestly, I finally got to have a normal daily life. Since we’re not going abroad, I get to enjoy morning, evening and dawn. The daily life I just mentioned like waking up in the morning, making my bed, drinking supplements, and watering the plants. It’s the daily life I didn’t get to have for the last 6 or 7 years.

J-Hope: But like right now, things are very different from how they were when we were touring. We do get to enjoy our daily life.

V: I can see my family more often. I can also see Tannie more often too.

Jin: Our current daily lives are like the days off we used to get.

The daily life that we might’ve thought wasn’t important would’ve been good source material for making this album. Is there any moment in your life that you thought you could use for the album?

Suga: There is. When I was writing “Telepathy” I used a song I wrote a while ago. I thought it would fit nice.

How did you choose each field’s project manager?

Jimin: Suga told me ‘You do it’ without even making eye contact with me. “You do it.” He said, “Use this opportunity to listen to some music.” So I did.

How was shooting for “Life Goes On” different from shooting G.C.F? What parts felt different to you?

Jungkook: I definitely realized that the camera quality has to be good. I realized that the professionals rely more on the equipment. I’ll film G.C.F with a better camera next time. Another important thing I realized is that it’s just really difficult. Coming up with the synopsis was really hard. It was different from song making. It felt really new.

Watch the full behind-story below!