BTS Opens Up About Retiring And “Letting Go” When The Time Comes

They opened their hearts in the latest episode of “Break The Silence”.

If there’s one thing that makes ARMYs emotional, it’s knowing that “We are BTS” could one day become “We were BTS.”

At 2018 MAMA in Hong KongJin revealed that the group had considered going their separate ways because of the difficulties they were facing in early 2018. Thankfully, they were able to overcome all obstacles and continue on.

We had a hard time mentally during the beginning of this year. While talking with each other, we even thought about disbanding.

— Jin

Several members opened up about this trying time, and the reasons for it, in their Break The Silence docuseries, beginning in Episode 1.

I think it’s because things got really hard at the start of the year. There were a lot of things to think about at the time, and there was a lot of doubt about this work. That was on all our minds that year since this job constantly demands that you be on a roller coaster ride. It turned out to be a year where we could reflect on ourselves. That’s what I think.

— Suga

In Episode 6, BTS once again brought up the uncomfortable topic of BTS’s end, and what their future holds after they’ve taken their final bow.

“I don’t think I’ll have any regrets,” Suga said. “I’ve been to every place I’ve ever wanted to go to.”

“If there comes a time when I can no longer physically perform,” Jin added. “like Namjoon said, the first thing I’d think is, ‘I have no regrets’ because I’ve been to all the places that I’ve always wanted to go.”

RM expressed his desire to focus on the good times rather than a sad goodbye, and his members agreed.

“When the time comes for us to agree to let this go,” J-Hope said. “When that happens, I don’t think I’ll have any regrets. Like you said, as long as it’s not a crash but  a landing, there would be no regrets.”

When will BTS have to move on? According to Jimin, their bodies will tell them when it’s time, but he might not want to listen.

Like you guys always say, there will come a point where we’ll have to let go. but I’m not sure if I’ll be able to admit it when the time comes. We’ll have to let go. We may have no choice but to let go. For example, if we become so physically exhausted to the point where our batteries run out, and we can’t recharge, we’ll really have to let go. But I don’t know if I’ll be able to admit it and accept it.

— Jimin

Like ARMY, Jungkook doesn’t want to think about future disbandment or retirement, and who can blame him?

Rather than preparing for their “most beautiful moment in life” coming to an end, RM feels that they should to their best by focusing on what they can do well today.

No one knows what the future holds, but whatever it brings, BTS will face it like they’ve faced everything else: together.

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