BTS Releases Shocking Comic Involving Jungkook Killing Himself

It’s explicitly violent and graphic.

Big Hit Entertainment has just released a webtoon series about the BTS Universe in collaboration with Naver Webtoon.

The series, which is called “Save Me”, is being released in Korea, the US, Japan, China, Taiwan, Thailand and Indonesia starting from January 17 (KST) and will be releasing one episode per week until April 11.

“Save Me” deals with the BTS Universe in-depth and has also been shown in “The Most Beautiful Moment in Life” music videos. Big Hit Entertainment provides the story while LICO takes charge of producing them into a webtoon series.

In the series, the 7 main characters end up going their separate ways. The story begins 2 years later when Seokjin returns from America to find his old friends. Each of the 16-episode series will feature the stories of each character.


The Prologue in addition to Episode 1 and 2 have been released so far and the content is surprisingly explicit. The prologue foreshadows a gruesome accident with a bloody floor and hands covered in the blood.


It also depicts a scene of Jungkook jumping off a building.


Some netizens have been voicing a few concerns about the heaviness of the topic considering the younger target audience, but fans are extremely excited for the series and have been buzzing with anticipation over how all the content will tie together in the end.


Check out BTS’ new webtoon series here.

Source: ZDNet Korea