BTS Shocks Internet With Their Treatment Toward A Muslim Fan

BTS wowed Muslim fans during Music Bank in Singapore with their incredible respect.

Image: @owlnuna

This lucky fan’s phone number was chosen at random by the members on stage for the chance to take a selfie with the 7 gorgeous boys.

Fans in the crowd noticed something special, though – J-Hope speaking to the members as the fan came up on stage.

It was later pointed out that all of the members were courteous to the Muslim fan, and made sure not to touch her (perhaps thanks to J-Hope’s warning!).

This kindness has impressed Muslim fans around the world.

BTS also performed a medley of “Boy In Luv”, “Danger” and “Run” during the special show!

They returned to Seoul this morning and are rumored to be preparing for their September comeback… if their new hair is any indication!

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