BTS Shows Their Power By Claiming 7 Of The Top 10 Bestselling Songs In U.S.

They are truly unstoppable

It’s no secret that BTS has been becoming increasingly popular in the U.S. With record sales, chart-topping records, television show invitations, and all other kinds of incredible ground-breaking events, at this point their successes almost seem to be expected rather than shocking.

That being said, BTS has recently made history yet again with their new album Map of the Soul: 7. Not just one, but seven of the songs on their new album have reached the top 10 of Billboard‘s Digital Songs Sales chart, showing how much they dominate the industy.

In at number 1, of course, is the title track “ON”, with nearly 86,000 copies sold. In 2nd place is “My Time”, which sold 19,000 copies – much less than “ON”, but still beating out any other song on the list.

Jimin‘s solo “Filter” also managed to reach the top 5 with 17,000 sales. At number 6 is “Friends” at 12,000 sales, and spots 8 through 10 go to “Louder Than Bombs”, “Inner Child”, and “We Are Bulletproof: The Eternal”, all of which sold over 11,000 copies.

The only other songs in the top 10 this week are Tones & I‘s “Dance Monkey” at number 3, The Weeknd‘s “Blinding Lights” at number 5, and Maroon 5‘s “Memories” at number 7. Along with this groundbreaking record, Map of the Soul: 7 tops the Billboard 200 list this week, with 422,000 copies sold – more than the next six on the list combined. Congratulations, BTS!