Deaf Children Reacted To BTS Using Sign Language, And It Was So Wholesome

Music is truly a powerful thing!

When BTS first released the track “Permission to Dance” earlier in the year, it was praised for its diversity and sending a message of hope. However, one thing that stood out the most was the members’ use of sign language throughout the choreography.

During the music video, there was both Korean (KSL) and international (ASL) sign language in their choreography. The members were using sign language for the words “fun,” “dance,” and “peace.”

| HYBE Labels/ YouTube

Recently, a YouTube channel called Deaf BTS shared a video reacting to the “Permission to Dance” music video. The channel has released videos where they have done sign language for different BTS songs in the past. This time, some of the children sat down and reacted to the full music video.

As soon as the music video started, the children shared their thoughts on the video, including how much they loved the purple balloons and the cool outfits the members were wearing.

They seemed to love the outfit changes throughout the video and explained how different they thought it was to “Butter.” Yet, the moment that stood out the most to those who watched the video was the children’s reaction to the members doing sign language in the video.

In particular, one girl seemed really shocked when she saw J-Hope doing sign language, and she definitely had one of the cutest reactions.

When the other children seemed to realize as well, they couldn’t believe that BTS had used ASL in their choreography. One even wondered when the members had learned how to do the sign language.

Even when the video had finished, the children couldn’t hide their excitement at seeing BTS use the same sign language that they do in America.

When the video was released, fellow ARMYs and viewers couldn’t hide their love for the children and how excited they were at seeing BTS do sign language!

It once again shows that BTS really is a group that focuses on ensuring that everyone is included in their music. You can watch the whole video below.

Source: Deaf BTS