This Singaporean Artist Made Custom Shoes From McDonald’s BTS Meal Boxes, And They Are Absolutely Incredible

I need a pair ASAP.

ARMY have gotten quite creative when it came to preserving the BTS meal from McDonald’s. From making cute merch from the packaging or simply framing it, BTS fans are intent on making their meal a precious memory. However, one Singaporean artist and fashion designer went above and beyond, creating a pair of custom shoes by upcycling the BTS meal box.

| @josiahchua/Instagram

Instead of just throwing out the box, Singaporean artist Josiah Chua decided to repurpose them into an incredible pair of custom BTS meal shoes. And as if simply making a pair of regular shoes wasn’t enough, Josiah added special details like a little nugget pocket on the side to make it look even more dazzling.

| @josiahchua/Instagram

Almost all of the packaging seems to be included, from the actual box and cup, and even the little sauce packages. He used packaging materials from six meals, and spent about 4 – 5 hours from start to finish constructing the shoes. You can watch his process below!

For those of us who don’t quite have the creative skills to preserve our BTS meal box like Josiah, we’ll just have to look towards buying some official merch!