BTS’s Snickers Collaboration Was Foreshadowed Years Ago

We should have seen it coming!

BTS have teamed up with many of the biggest brands worldwide, including food.

From left: BTS’s J-Hope, Jimin, V, RM, Jin, Suga, and Jungkook. | McDonald’s

From Coca-Cola to McDonald’s, they’re ensuring we’re eating and drinking…

| Coca-Cola Korea

Now, BTS has apparently teamed up with American chocolate company Mars‘ Snickers candy bars.

So, you can buy “borahaed” packaging featuring iconic BTS song lyrics and titles, such as “Spring Day,” “Make It Right,” “I’m Fine, “Life Goes On,” etc.

This came as a surprise to many ARMYs, though. The limited edition Snickers bars were spotted in stores without notice.

Yet, the collaboration was foreshadowed years ago.

BTS released their MV for “FAKE LOVE” in May 2018. One scene stood out to ARMYs as it featured J-Hope lying in a pool of Snickers bars.

J-Hope in “FAKE LOVE.” | HYBE LABELS/YouTube

At the time, the scene sent ARMYs into meltdown…

Snickers were actually featured previously in the “WINGS Short Film #6 MAMA” in 2016!

J-Hope in “WINGS Short Film #6 MAMA.” | HYBE LABELS/YouTube

But with “FAKE LOVE” featuring Snickers, it even sparked drama between chocolate bars. Butterfinger was a bit salty that BTS chose Snickers.

Ultimately, Snickers won the “fight,” and ARMYs encouraged the chocolate bar to “get that promo.”

Now, after four years, we finally have the official BTS x Snickers collaboration!

So far, BTS x Snickers have been spotted in the East Region of the world, such as Thailand and the Philippines. Let’s hope for a Western release too!

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