BTS Soars Up The Charts With A Real-Time All-Kill and Causes MelOn to Crash

BTS released their new album You Never Walk Alone, causing an instant spike in chart ratings that crashed major real-time music charts.

With the release of “Spring Day” as well as their new album Wings: You Never Walk Alone, BTS has managed an instant real-time all-kill on music sites such as MelOn, Naver, and Mnet within an hour of release. MelOn received so much traffic, the website temporarily went down due to high download volume.

Check out the chart spike below:


BTS instantly surged to number one spots, earning an instant real-time all-kill.
Traffic spikes increased so dramatically charts broke.

In order to achieve an Official All-Kill, BTS will still need to top all daily charts.

Check out the music video for “Spring Day” below:

Source: Newsen