BTS Sold Out Two Of The Largest Stadiums In Europe In Record Time

The power of European ARMYs is staggering.

Tickets for the BTS Speak Yourself Encore Tour in Europe went on sale at 9:30 CET and as was predicted, there was a frenzy to get tickets for the two venues in France and England.

Wembley Stadium in London is the second largest stadium in Europe, holding over 90,000 people at full capacity. The Stade de France in Saint-Denis, a suburb of Paris can hold 85,000 people. With just two dates in Europe, there was bound to be a scramble among ARMYs to get tickets to these events. Twitter is blowing up over both events.

BTS has officially sold out Wembley Stadium and in just 90 minutes as well. Stade de France soon followed.

ARMYs who secured tickets are overjoyed and are beyond excited. With any ticket sale comes elation and pure joy…

and intense disappointment for those ARMYs who didn’t get tickets. Try not to be too sad though, BTS are likely coming back sometime soon!