ARMYs Were Treated Like Royalty At BTS’s Soundcheck In Riyadh

In Saudi Arabia, VIP fans live like kings.

Standing in line for hours in the freezing cold, drenched by rain, suffering hunger pangs — Arab ARMY can’t relate!


On October 11, BTS held the soundcheck for their concert at King Fahd International Stadium, in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. Here, soundcheck ticket holders were invited to eat, drink, and relax in a luxurious VIP lounge.


Platters were piled high with free food and free drinks…


…and there were plenty of comfortable chairs to rest in.


“This is how BTS soundcheck in Riyadh looks like. Lounge,” said one ARMY, as she narrated her video of the event. “They’re giving out free food, with air conditioner, free water of course.” 


Other fans can’t help feeling envious, especially those who had to wait for soundcheck in less than favorable weather conditions.


If this is how VIP fans are treated, one can only imagine how BTS are being taken care of!