BTS spams Twitter for Jungkook’s birthday

Jungkook stans around the world have been blessed today as BTS has taken Twitter by storm to celebrate their beloved maknae’s 20th birthday!

The birthday boy himself has also gifted fans with a cover of Justin Bieber‘s “Purpose,” which is now available on Soundcloud. The cover already has almost 300k plays in just a span of two hours! Jungkook is known among fans for making amazing English covers online, and this new song does not disappoint.

Members Jimin, Rap Monster, J-Hope and more have posted a mixture of embarrassing and cute photos and videos of Jungkook including this one from Rap Mon captioned “Kookie GO!”

This September 1st is sure to be memorable for both BTS and ARMYs everywhere!

Happy birthday Jungkook! We wish you good health and happiness this year!