“BTS Special” Edition Photos Go Viral After GQ Korea Accidentally Uploads Them Ahead Of Schedule

At least GQ Korea can rest easy knowing they made ARMYs very happy today.

GQ Korea‘s “BTS Special” Edition is breaking the internet one new photo drop at a time. They already released their special edition covers and they’ve just now released the black and white special preview photos for each of the members as well.

| GQ Korea

The photos are absolutely gorgeous—V even uploaded his to his Instagram feed!

While GQ Korea released the official preview images to go along with each of the members’ personalized covers, it seems that someone might’ve made a mistake with the release dates of some of the photos.

With a fanbase as big as BTS’s ARMY, it’s no surprise that the photos were saved and shared numerous times even after they were deleted.

Check out the images below:

*us when we heard that these were accidental releases*

These boys are truly giving models a run for their money! Make sure to keep up with the media release schedule below as we get closer to the official release of the “BTS Special” magazines for both GQ Korea and Vogue Korea.

| GQ Korea