BTS Spoiled Their Upcoming Project Years Ago

Did you catch the hints?

Recently, BTS shared a post for “MNCR Logistics,” including a teaser video and link to a website where you can “track your shipment.” It gives you access to exclusive content.

Based on hints throughout the website, it appears to be connected to The Most Beautiful Moment in Life (HYYH) series, as its 10th anniversary next year. Many are hoping it’s a new album, as the BTS members will also return from military service around that time.

Yet, ARMYs are also finding what appears to be hints from the past for this next era for BTS. The upcoming project appears to be titled “MONOCHROME,” based on the shipping info. Previously, BTS mentioned “monochrome” in “Your eyes tell.”

Additionally, when you log in to the MNCR Logistics website, you gain access to monochrome photos of the BTS members. There’s something familiar about the portraits, though.

Eagle-eyed ARMYs remembered V sharing photos much like these before. He had posted something from the photoshoot in December 2021 via Instagram!

Speaking of Instagram… Some ARMYs also think that Suga‘s unique portraits he shared might have something to do with this anniversary project.

It’s not just BTS’s Instagram activity that ARMYs believe hinted at the upcoming project. ARMYs remember that even HYYH photos were shown during The 2022 GRAMMY Awards performance.

While ARMYs believe an album is coming next year, we might be getting something else ahead of the HYYH anniversary. ARMYs remembered also that V, Jungkook, and Jimin teased that a gift bundle would be released by Jin‘s return.

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What Is BTS’s MNCR Logistics?


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