BTS And Steve Aoki Announce New Collaboration, “Waste It On Me”

This is their third collaboration!

Steve Aoki announced that he’s got a new collaboration dropping with his brothers, BTS, called ‘Waste It On Me’!


He also uploaded the video announcing their new collaboration.


The same video was the answer to a mysterious billboard that’s been slowly adding one letter at a time to announce BTS’s new collab.


With the official announcement by Steve Aoki, ARMYs discovered the billboard complete with the words, “BTS and STEVE AOKI”.


Fans will be able to preview the song before its release date by tweeting the hashtag, “#WasteItOnMe”.


The new anticipated hit will be the third track that BTS and Steve Aoki has worked on together since ‘MIC Drop Remix’ and ‘The Truth Untold’.