Steve Aoki Gave BTS A Crucial Advice Before Their GMA Appearance

He had an advice for his friends before their legendary appearance on “Good Morning America”.

Just a day before BTS took the stage at Good Morning America, world-famous DJ (and BTS friend) Steve Aoki sat down with Billboard to give BTS some advice about their upcoming TV appearance.


Steve Aoki didn’t believe BTS needs any advice at all because they’re the ones that give him the advice.

“These guys don’t need any advice at all… because they’re just dominating. Whatever they do, it’s magical. I mean, they give me advice.”

— Steve Aoki


But if he had to give BTS some advice, he advised them to not let any stage scare you. He wants BTS to make every stage theirs.

“I think that’s the advice. Don’t let any stage scare you. Let that stage become your stage.”

— Steve Aoki


Steve Aoki considers his advice more of a reminder because he believes BTS already does it on anything that they put their mind to!

“They’re gunna take that stage and make it their own.

Which is what they do. Whenever they step on a stage or they shoot a dance scene or do anything, it’s no longer GMA or whatever they’re doing.

It’s BTS’s stage, so I’m sure they’re gunna do that.”

— Steve Aoki


And only a day after Steve Aoki’s kind words, BTS surely made the GMA stage their own!


It’s good to see legends supporting each other in such beautiful ways!