Steve Aoki And Ken Jeong Reveal The Special Meaning Behind “Waste It On Me” MV

“I wanted the music video to have an entirely Asian cast and director.” – Steve Aoki

Steve Aoki has dropped the music video for his latest collaboration with BTS, “Waste It On Me”, and it’s bursting with star power.


Steve Aoki appears in the music video alongside an array of Asian-American celebrities, including his half-sister, Devon Aoki13 Reasons Why‘s Ross Butler, Crazy Rich AsiansKen Jeong, The Gifted‘s Jamie Chung, and more.


Although it’s a hilarious music video to an impressive hit, there’s so much more behind the music video. Steve Aoki hopes that “Waste It On Me” will shine a light on successful Asian actors in the mainstream media to inspire other Asians around the world.

“It’s bigger than music, it represents a Korean band and one Asian-American DJ that can show other Asians they are also a part of the global commercial musical landscape. I feel so deeply about the Asian footprint in music culture that I wanted the music video to have an entirely Asian cast and director.”

— Steve Aoki


The video is fresh, endearing, and full of laughs. The talented cast jams out to “Waste It On Me” while lip-syncing along to BTS’s vocals.

The video tells the story of ‘Waste It On Me’ in an incredibly funny, witty, and clever manner,” Steve Aoki told PEOPLE, before giving a shoutout to everyone involved in the making of it.


The cast had a blast working on this video together. Ken Jeong, who played the MV’s lovestruck protagonist, said that he loved working on the video with his friends.

“It’s so cool to be apart of the number one song…in the WORLD. It’s even cooler that I’m working with my friends, a stellar all Asian-American crew in front of and behind the camera.”

— Ken Jeong


“Waste It On Me” is the third collaboration between Steve Aoki and BTS, but the first one that is entirely in English!

Source: People