BTS, Stray Kids, LE SSERAFIM, And Others Just Earned New Gaon Certifications

Or rather, Circle Chart certifications now!

,Every month, Gaon (now known as Circle Chart) announces new certifications for K-Pop albums and songs that have reached certain numbers of sales, downloads, or streams. These are always huge achievements for artists, and are worth congratulating when they’re announced!

For the album category, an album will receive a platinum certification at 250k sales, double platinum at 500k sales, triple platinum at 750k sales, and a million certification at one million sales (as well as double, triple, etc. for multiple-million sales).

Here’s a look at the 9 albums that just earned new certifications on July 7, 2022!

Three albums received new platinum certifications for surpassing 250,000 sales. The first was Drive to the Starry Road by ASTRO, which was released on May 16 earlier this year. It has sold approximately 253,000 units at this time! This is their third album to receive a platinum certification.

The second album to earn a platinum certification this month is Stray Kids‘ Clé 2: Yellow Wood album, which came out on June 19, 2019. This is the group’s ninth album to earn a platinum certification, with several other more recent albums earning even higher ones!

Finally, LE SSERAFIM‘s debut album FEARLESS, which came out on May 2 this year, has also received a platinum certification! They’re the only rookie group to reach such an achievement this month, and the album has sold around 413,000 copies at this time.

Two K-Pop albums earned double platinum certifications this month, meaning they’ve surpassed 500,000 sales! The first is We Boom by NCT DREAM, which was released on July 29, 2019. At this time, the album has sold around 522,000 copies, and it’s the group’s fifth album to earn a double platinum certification.

The other album to earn double platinum this month is GOT7‘s self-titled album, GOT7! Released on May 23 this year, it just goes to show that the legendary group can still make major sales without a label. It’s also their very first album to reach double platinum!

Two albums surpassed a million sales this month, earning them the million certification. The first of these is minisode2: Thursday’s Child by TXT, which came out on May 9 this year! It has sold approximately 1.65 million copies at this time, and is the group’s first album to earn this certification.

The second album to earn a million certification is soloist Lim Youngwoong‘s most recent album, IM HERO! The album came out on May 2 this year, and has made approximately 1.14 million sales at this time. It’s his first studio album, which makes this achievement even more impressive!

One album earned a two million certification this month: Face The Sun by SEVENTEEN, their most recent album which came out on May 27 this year. At the current count, the album has sold around 2.52 million copies, and is the group’s second album to receive this certification!

Finally, BTS earned another three million certification this month with their album Love Yourself: Tear, which came out all the way back on May 18, 2018! It is, incredibly, their sixth album to earn this certification.

Congratulations to all of the artists that earned impressive new certifications this month!