BTS’s Stylists Under Fire For Poorly Sized Outfits And Lack Of Attention To Detail

Fans are asking for more attention to be given to their styling.

BTS‘s stylists have recently come under fire as fans have called them out for their lack of attention to detail. The group recently took the cover for TIME magazine as Entertainer of The Year. As a globally renowned publication, this was a huge honor and achievement for the group. However, the stylist, allegedly failed to live up to expectations this time around.

On the whole, the cover looks fine…

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… zoomed in however, is a different story. Not only does Jin‘s suit have a poor fit, being too large for even his Pacific Ocean shoulders…

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Jimin‘s shoes also seem way too large for him. Not only that, Suga‘s pants scrunch up towards the bottom, hinting that the length was unaltered to fit his stature. A huge gap between V‘s heel and the back of his shoe can also be seen.

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Although it is possible that there was not enough time to fit the boys for the shoot, many feel that the stylists should have paid more attention as it is a globally recognized magazine. Fans have specifically asked for more attention to be paid to Jin as the main visual.

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Korean fans have also spoken up.

  • “If you do not have the skills, leave it to other designers. You can’t help but compare this to the stylists from other companies. And at the very least, please take care of the clothing – it’s all wrinkled. And please reflect on the outfits for MMA.”
  • “I hope you listen to Jin’s wish to wear clothes that fit his frame better. I’m asking of you, isn’t the most professional thing to do, take into account the artists’ body frame and his personal preference? Please fix this.”
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The stylist has not spoken up on the matter yet.

Source: theqoo

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