ARMY’s Wild Theory About BTS’s “Proof” Has New Evidence To Back It Up

Did they predict the future?

Whenever a BTS comeback draws near, ARMYs transform into amateur sleuths, hunting down clues and connecting dots. Some fan theories are far from the truth, but others are so accurate it’s spooky!

BTS’s Jungkook 

At the final PERMISSION TO DANCE ON STAGE – LAS VEGAS show, BTS dropped the first teaser for Proof, an upcoming anthology album that will celebrate nine years of discography and introduce three new songs.

BTS’s Proof albums | BIGHIT MUSIC



We would like to provide information on the pre-order for the BTS anthology album ‘Proof’, scheduled for release on Friday, June 10.

You can place your pre-order for BTS’ ‘Proof’ beginning on Thursday, May 5 at online and in-person retailers.


On April 16, weeks before details about Proof were released, a fan sussed out three possible subunits using the colors from BTS’s Instagram profile photos. The subunits were J-Hope and JiminSuga and Jin, and RMJungkook, and V.

Now, new evidence is adding fuel to ARMY’s theory fire. Firstly, we now know that Proof will have three new songs that could very well be subunit tracks. Secondly, Proof‘s photocard collection just so happens to match BTS’s profile photos.

We’re getting chills just looking at it!

Is this fate or coincidence? Only time will tell. For now, learn more about the album here:

Pre-Orders For BTS’s “Proof” Begin—Here’s A Look Inside The Album


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