BTS Suga’s Advice For Younger Artists May Not Be What They Expect

He shared how he cautions his juniors.

A new episode of BTS Suga‘s musical talk show, Suchwita, was recently released, and this time he appeared with veteran actor Kim Nam Gil.

Kim Nam Gil (left) and BTS’s Suga (right) | BANGTANTV/YouTube

During the episode, the two compared their experiences in entertainment. Kim Nam Gil shared stories about how he became an actor and what nearly threatened his career before it started.

Suga told his own stories about how he prepares for performances, his involvement in BTS’s music production, how he feels about possibly becoming a K-Pop idol producer, and more.

Kim Nam Gil shared that after MBC recruited him to become an actor, which was a commendable feat, he got in a major car accident that required a nearly six-month hospital stay and the use of a wheelchair.

The accident occurred over 20 years ago, and he still suffers from it to this day, citing his difficulty memorizing lines as an after-effect.

Although the accident changed how Kim Nam Gil expected his career to begin, he now feels grateful that his career was paused initially, admitting that had he shot straight to stardom, he may have become arrogant.

Instead, he became appreciative of every moment he spent on set due to the hardships he had faced to get there.

Suga understood the mindset and shared the advice he often gives junior artists. The BTS member acknowledged and understood why many idols hope to become top stars early in their careers instead of struggling for money and recognition.

Suga cautions younger artists against that mindset, advising them to be careful when they start to do well because “[they’ll] always be compared to [their] former work.

Kim Nam Gil realized that idols and actors seem to share many of the same worries, highlighting another way in which they can relate to each other in their professions.

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BTS’s Suga Is Not Interested In Becoming A K-Pop Idol Producer

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