BTS’s Suga Gives One Lucky ARMY The Ultimate “Y/N Moment” During His First Agust D Concert

He took their phone!

We all dream of having our “Y/N” moment at concerts, whether from our idol looking in our general direction or even possibly meeting them.

ARMYs attending BTS Suga‘s anticipated SUGA | Agust D ‘D-DAY’ TOUR In US weren’t expecting too many fan interactions with Suga as he is considered the most reserved member of BTS. Yet, he surprised one lucky ARMY!

BTS’s Suga

Suga officially kicked off the tour with his first solo concert in Belmont Park. Mid-performance, he went over to ARMYs in barricade and grabbed the phone of an ARMY in the hat of his BT21 character SHOOKY.

It appeared at first that Suga took a selfie with the ARMY’s phone. He actually took a video!

Fellow ARMYs couldn’t help but be jelly! Who else can brag that Suga took their phone from their hand to self-record?

More than jealous, everyone was beyond curious to see the video Suga took with the ARMY’s phone. He did return it to the owner, after all!

Thankfully, the lucky ARMY did reveal herself! Mariah (also known as mar or @sugaflexing on Twitter) quote-tweeted viral videos of the moment.

And she is no gatekeeper! Mariah also shared Suga’s video on Twitter, and it’s as magical as we all dreamt. Unsurprisingly, it has garnered 851.6K views already at the time of writing!

We can’t wait to see what more surprises Suga has in store for ARMYs for the rest of the tour!

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