Will Agust D Guest On BTS Suga’s “Suchwita?” Here’s What He Has To Say About It

Agust D might promote on the show.

BTS‘s Suga has been hosting his own interview series Suchwita for YouTube.

He revealed recently to Jimin that he wanted to host the show, knowing that his members would be promoting solo projects.

Jimin (left) and Suga (right) | BANGTANTV/YouTube

Suga is also soon releasing the conclusion to his Agust D trilogy. So, since he will be promoting soon as a solo artist, will he be guesting on his own show? ARMYs hope so, but they wonder if a member will have to fill in as host to interview him.

Suga did an interview with his alter-ego Agust D in an advertisement for the upcoming Disney+ documentary, SUGA: Road to D-DAY.

Agust D commented on what a great host Suga is on Suchwita. He asked Suga if he had any tips or secrets.

Suga confessed that he didn’t start Suchwita because he enjoys hosting. He reiterated that he wanted to do the show to help his members.

I don’t really enjoy being on the show either. But it’s a time to rest and I didn’t want to. I wanted to work more, and the albums of my members are coming out continuously. They need to be on YouTube or TV shows to promote them, and they concerned a lot about it. So, somehow it went on.

— Suga

While Suga was initially uncomfortable hosting Suchwita, he believes his social skills are able to strengthen in the process.

I don’t feel comfortable when I talk to someone I first meet. So, I am trying a lot. It’s a bit embarrassing for the first 30 minutes, but as I try to lead the conversations by myself, and I think it naturally helps me to improve my talking skills. Well, I believe it is. Please, come and check it out.

— Suga

Agust D and Suga both promoted Suchwita. Although the alter-ego is known to be Suga’s bold side, he also said that he gains courage from it.

Yes, come to the channel! I am also very introverted person, but I think I get a lot of courage while watching Suga doing it.

— Agust D

Suga took the opportunity to invite Agust D to the show. So, he asked the alter-ego to guest.

Anyway, we’d like to invite you as our guest. Are you willing to do, by any chance?

— Suga

Agust D accepted the invitation, saying he wanted to guest on Suchwita. We’re hoping that the episode will release along with D-DAY.

Agust D: Oh, yes, of course. I really want to be on the show.

Suga: Then I’ll try my best to prepare it.

Agust D: I’ll be waiting.

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