No Need To Pregame: Free Alcohol Served At BTS Suga’s Agust D Tour

“This is how you know BTS ain’t just for the kiddies…”

For many adult concert-goers, alcohol is part of the experience.

BTS’s Suga

While some like to take advantage of the bars at the venues, others opt to “pregame” rather than purchase overpriced drinks.

Pregaming is “drinking alcohol before attending an event or social function.” So, some will drink before heading to a concert.


Yet, it’s not entirely necessary for BTS Suga‘s SUGA | Agust D ‘D-DAY’ TOUR IN US. The first concert of his solo tour was on Wednesday, April 26, in Belmont Park at UBS Arena.

Suga has totally unleashed his rebellious, bad*ss side already in just the first couple of shows. ARMYs shared photos and videos on social media of him casually drinking whiskey on stage during his concert.

Like the gentleman he is, Suga is not going to drink alone. It appears he has provided drinks for ARMYs too!

It was not just for D1, the tour’s kickoff, either. Those who attended D2 shared that “free henny” was being offered again.

ARMYs are living for BTS’s second chapter. A Suga/Agust D tour is already awesome, but being given free drinks too? Yes, please!

ARMYs were even more impressed to realize just how expensive Hennessy is.

Suga really is spoiling us!

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