BTS’s Suga Is Confident That Newer ARMYs Won’t Be Able To Go Anywhere Else Once They’ve Seen A BTS Concert


To top off BTS’s 2021 FESTA, they released an ARMY Corner Store video as they looked back on all the memories from the past eight years. For the theme of the first book, they took a look at Our Story.

For the last keyword, they expressed their thoughts about ARMY.

J-Hope: Do we really need to describe ARMY? (No words are needed for ARMY)

Suga: When it comes to BTS, everyone knows about ARMY. 

V: Everyone knows.

RM: Even my grandmother’s friends know ARMY.

Jungkook: Wow, they do?

RM: Yeah, they all do.

Suga: We are like one community.

Jin: All the records we’ve achieved are not just on us.

V: Not at all. 

Jin wanted to emphasize that the results they have made were made possible because of ARMY. “They give us strength and courage and support us from behind and bring us these results. I want other people to know that the achievements we’ve made so far is not just us. They were made with ARMY together.”

V also felt it was a shame that the newer fans didn’t have a chance to see them in concert yet. “The fans who recently joined ARMY haven’t been to our concerts yet so they don’t know how passionate we are and how fun it can be.”

Suga added, “I wish they could see that soon (Such a shame). Once you come to our concert you can’t go anywhere else!!  You definitely can’t!! Once you get a taste of BTS (Concert hidden gem) you can’t go anywhere else!! “

Jungkook‘s message was short and simple, “I’m not hoping for too much. All I want is to make eye contact with you guys, to hear your voices, and to sing and dance for ARMY.” 

RM was truly curious about how each and every fan became an ARMY, ” I’m curious about each fan’s story. How they became ARMY. I’m curious what kind of dreams they have and what they do, where and how they live, all these things. One day, I hope the day would come that we can listen to each one of their stories.”

To watch more, check out the video below!