ARMY Wins At Life As BTS’s Suga Takes Her Flip Phone During Concert, But There’s One Catch

At least she made him laugh!

BTS‘s Suga takes an ARMY’s phone during his performance of “D-DAY” at his SUGA | Agust D “D-DAY” TOUR IN US.

This had many ARMYs rushing to switch from Apple iPhone to Samsung Galaxy. Suga intentionally only picked Galaxy phones as he, along with BTS, are Samsung ambassadors.

Yet, one ARMY had a creative solution. Instead of buying a new phone, they used an old phone… An ancient phone.

You’ve probably seen the Galaxy Z Flip and thought it looked really cool. It’s a smartphone that’s also a flip phone!

But it’s probably been a while since you’ve seen the OG flip phone…

| Samsung via Cellphonebeast

Suga performed his final U.S. concert in Oakland on May 17. While performing “D-DAY,” he noticed a flip phone in the crowd. It instantly brought a smile to his face, so he took it.

Antique GALAXY

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Since the flip phone didn’t have a selfie camera, he turned it around and continued singing into the phone’s camera as usual.


she fainted 😭 agustdtour btsarmy agustdinoakland

♬ original sound – beej saw yoongi 🔍⍤⃝🔎 – beej saw yoongi 🔍⍤⃝🔎

ARMYs were happy that it could make Suga laugh. But they debated if it was all worth it considering the low quality of older phones.

Well… The phone’s owner revealed that the phone didn’t even have a setting to record video. So, this is the one time we won’t actually get to see it.

Still, the ARMY couldn’t be happier. She had her moment with Suga on her birthday and brought laughter to him! Besides, lots of ARMYs recorded the moment too.

Not to mention Suga himself shared a photo from the moment to his own Instagram account. She totally won.

The moment even caught the attention of Samsung!

Previously, the ARMY brought their phone to the Oakland concert the day before. Yet, Suga didn’t notice it that night!

So, he unintentionally waited to give this ARMY the best birthday!

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