“Did You Guys Get Trained?”: BTS’s Suga Questions ARMYs Barking During His Agust D Concert

One of his members might be responsible…

BTS‘s Suga performed the second concert of his solo SUGA | Agust D ‘D-DAY’ TOUR IN US on April 27 at UBS Arena in Belmont Park.

The crowd has been going crazy for Suga (as they should), but ARMYs surprised him on Day 2. They weren’t just chanting his name…

The crowd barked. Yes, many ARMYs barked like dogs, which is actually a semi-recent trend at concerts. It’s really just hype noise for the performer, but it’s a unique sound that most Korean artists are not quite used to.

No matter how many times ARMYs barked, Suga was in disbelief. He even told them, “You guys… are so crazy.”

But he said it with a huge grin on his face! Throughout it, he couldn’t stop smiling, and he even moved along to it.

Suga even asked the crowd if they were “trained” to bark. Well, it’s funny you ask that…

We actually were. Our trainer was none other than J-Hope. In March, he pretended ARMYs watching his live broadcast were his puppy.

Or was it Jin?!

And now that we think of it… There are some more BTS members we think would join us in barking.

Hopefully, Suga will get used to it as the tour continues!

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