ARMYs Are Getting Bias-Wrecked By BTS Suga’s Hot Bodyguard

“The bodyguards are going to need bodyguards soon.”

You’re lying if you say you haven’t been biased wrecked, especially as a member of the BTS ARMY.


Getting bias-wrecked by another BTS member is just part of everyday life. But, now your bias has to compete with his bodyguard.


Suga has been on his SUGA | Agust D “D-DAY” TOUR IN US. We all expected him to wreck us, but we didn’t expect his staff to.

Since the start of his tour, a handsome gentleman caught ARMYs’ attention.

During Suga’s performances, some ARMYs couldn’t help but get distracted… They noticed what appeared to be the idol’s bodyguard next to the stage.


There’s always one who gets us distracted 😬🙈 #AgustD #SUGA #minyoongi #armybts #btsarmy #concert #LA

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He had his eyes entirely focused on Suga. Yet, ARMYs’ eyes were on him.


#btsbodyguard #minyoongi #agustd #thekiaforum

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The bodyguard earned himself fans. One even brought a sign to one of Suga’s L.A. concerts at Kia Forum for the bodyguard!


Replying to @🖤 #mrbodyguard #agustd_suga_tour #btsbodyguard #btssecurity #agustdla

♬ OMG – NewJeans

With videos of the handsome bodyguard going viral on social media, ARMYs are stanning BTS’s new “8th member.” They are ready to purchase his photofolio, photocards, and more…

| @2muchmeow/TikTok
| @phoebescell/TikTok
| @nathurally/TikTok

Of course, this is not the first time ARMYs have simped for BTS’s staff. Read more below.

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