“Boxers Or Briefs?”: BTS’s Suga Exposes His Underwear Of Choice

One ARMY low-key manifested it.

BTS‘s Suga answered a question we didn’t know we needed answered: “Boxers or briefs?”

BTS’s Suga

At his recent SUGA | Agust D “D-DAY” TOUR IN US concert in Oakland, Suga stunned ARMYs with his pants.

He wore ripped jeans as usual, but they went all up his thigh and included hearts on the backside.

ARMYs would have loved to score a pair of these Natasha Zinko “Pixel Heart ripped jeans,”… But they cost $681 USD.

Suga’s pants went viral on social media as ARMYs admired the amount of skin he was showing due to his large rips. Some have referred to it as “easy access” panels. He has historically been considered one of the more conservative members of BTS.

Some ARMYs jokingly wondered what this man’s choice of underwear was. Surprisingly, they would soon get their answer…

In one instance during the performance, Suga lifted one pant’s leg ever so slightly, giving ARMYs a glimpse of his underwear. He wears boxers!

One ARMY low-key manifested this moment. About a week ago, @SUG4DRI on Twitter posted a fanart of Suga in ripped jeans that partially revealed black boxers.

Previously, Suga exposed his abs mid-performance too. Read more below.

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