BTS’ Suga breaks down on stage while receiving the Artist of the Year award

Suga‘s heartwarming moment during the Mnet Asian Music Awards might cause you to break down too.

It was a very emotional night for BTS and their fans because they achieved one of their biggest dreams. Tears instantly started to pour when BTS’ leader, Rap Monster, was absolutely speechless while receiving the award.

Nearly every member was caught crying but one of the most hard working member, Suga, was so taken aback he had to cover his face. Suga produces and writes a lot of the group’s music which made the award more meaningful to him.

Tweets from a year ago that Suga wrote about his hardships have resurfaced to show how much hard work they have done to get the award.

Whenever I work on songs in the middle of the night, the thought that making good music is a really hard job comes up. I’ll show more better music in the future. There’s so much music that I want you to hear -SUGA-

I didn’t remember when or where I started music at, but while working on songs yesterday, I remember a line that I wrote when I was really young. I can’t even remember how old I was then, but my heart felt like it was swaying and beating again after a long while

I may have absorbed myself in music even more in order to stand proudly in front of my family and fans. But the only thing I know how to do is this and I’m so happy that I am able to give happiness to many people as I have them hear my music. As I think about how I felt like that when I was younger

If it was music that I could finish with just me being content with it, I probably wouldn’t be at this spot right now. Knowing how hard and tiring it is to make music that pleases a lot of people is something I feel I’m baout to understand but then not know at all.

The mixtape that was supposed to come out sooner along with Namjoonie’s if it was going to be released, but I wasn’t content with my own self so I pushed it back and even though I’m just working with whatever is thrown at me whether it be the album or mixtape, I feel I still can’t be content. Because I can’t not do it because it’s done sloppily

As I was writing songs while looking back on old memories, I suddenly thought about the thoughts I had when leaving my house six years ago. I feel like I ran forward without looking around my surroundings, whether it be friends or family. It’s been long since human relationships have become some other person’s business and I feel like if I take out my members and all of the fans then I’ve lived quite a useless life

I want to show these stories through music, but I feel there is a limit to my abilities, so it feels like I’m just saying anything. I just want to run forward for a long time without getting tired. Whether it be for 10 years, 20 years

Although not everyone can like us and me, we have all run forward while persistently clenching our teeth in order for even those people to like us, so we have to go up higher, to the point where it’s out of reach even when you extend your arm

Just, let’s be together for a long, long time and not become tired since we won’t become tired whether it be for 10 years or for 20 years

Thank you for listening to my story that I wasn’t able to talk about any where else. Then for now, goodbye

Many tears were shed that night. Even BTS’ producer was caught crying at home while watching the MAMAs.

BTS is one of the first musicians to win the Artist of the Year award that was not a part of the 3 big companies: JYP, SM, or YG. They have certainly made history.

Watch their acceptance speech below!

Source: Hyejin