BTS Suga’s Brother Shared A “Min Brothers” Outing With Fans

Fans are elated to see the brothers together again.

BTS‘s Suga recently hung out with his older brother, who shared a moment from their outing with fans.


Suga and Min Junki (“Min Geum Jae” on Instagram) are rarely photographed together. This photo, taken during BTS’s The Wings Tour, is one of the only photos of them that most fans have seen.


In fact, fans are more likely to find photos of Min Junki posing with Holly than with Suga!


This is one of the reasons why this photo, posted March 5, is so special. In it, Suga and his brother hanging out at what appears to be a restaurant. The caption includes the hashtag “#minbrothers”.


Details about the outing haven’t been shared, but one thing’s for certain. Visuals definitely run in the Min Family!