Eagle-Eyed ARMYs Realize That BTS’s Suga Dropped Spoilers Regarding “BTS Island: In The SEOM”

Did you notice?

As you likely already know, BTS are set to release their own self-designed game called BTS Island: In The SEOM.

And like the behind-the-scenes series of BTS’s creation of BT21 for LINE FRIENDS, there is one for BTS Island: In The SEOM titled BTS Become Game Developers. In Episode 1, ARMYs have already noticed some details…

RM announced that there would be a naming contest among the members to give the once untitled game a name as it was previously referred to as “GFH01” or “Game For Healing 01.”

Like Run BTS!, the winner would receive a prize. In this case, it would be producer credit, an IRL outfit from the game, and figurines of the seven members’ game characters.

ARMYs are pointing out that Suga won clearly and not just because obviously the game is officially titled his suggestion.

It’s also because of the game figurines…

At the end of the episode, RM and Suga do a voiceover of the figurines’ reveal. They also share that they both contributed to naming the game.

Eagle-eyed ARMYs recognize the BTS Island: In The SEOM figurines from Suga’s studio “Genius Lab.” They were in the background of his birthday live broadcast.


Figuras de BTS ISLAND IN THE SEOM #방탄소년단 #btsisland #armybts

♬ sonido original – 💜VERONICA BAQUE💜

So, not only was the BTS Become Game Developers series spoiled, but ARMYs are also realizing that Suga had long before dropped spoilers for the game!

Originally, ARMYs mistook the figurines as new versions of TinyTAN.

So, even if BTS drop spoilers and hints, we can’t always pick up on everything…