BTS’s Suga Knows Just Who To Call When The Members Need Cooking Advice On “In The SOOP”

Hint: It’s someone they’ve filmed Run BTS! with!

BTS‘s Suga proved that having a famous chef as a friend comes in handy on the latest episode of In the SOOP 2!

BTS’s Suga | @BTS_twt/Twitter

On this episode, BTS cooked their hanwoo beef (top grade beef from Korea), and they were beyond thrilled to eat their steaks and steak sandwiches.

| BTS/Weverse

As he often does when the members cook on In the SOOP, Suga aka Min Chef took the lead when it came to preparing the steaks. Jin also helped prepare the steaks.

Everything was going smoothly until it was time to cut the meat. Suga and Jin were trying to separate the meat from the tendons without cutting too much of the meat off with the tendons.

At first, they tried to remember what they’d learned in videos they’d seen on the internet.

Suddenly, Suga had an idea that proved much more effective than learning from online videos: Call Chef Baek Jong Won!

Baek Jong Won | The Korea Times

The members had a great time filming episodes of Run BTS! with this famous chef, and they now count him among their friends. Lucky for them, he’s always down to lend a helping hand when they need help with their cooking, so Suga told J-Hope to start a video call to Baek Jong Won.

Suga, J-Hope, and Jin weren’t sure if the chef would answer the call. They thought he might have been filming something at the time.

He was filming at the time, but he accepted the call from his BTS besties anyway!

He reassured Jin and Suga that they had been cutting the meat correctly. He said they did a “good job.” 

Jimin also popped in to say hi to Baek Jung Won!

While on the video call, Jin asked if they should cut slits in the meat before they cooked it, but Baek Jung Won told them to cut the meat after it was done cooking.

After the steaks were cut, J-Hope and Jimin grilled them outside.

With Baek Jung Won’s help, the steak came out perfectly and the members thoroughly enjoyed their meal!