BTS’s Suga Radiates CEO Vibes At The Samsung Event — But Gets Shy For The Most Unexpected Reason

Suga might have got shy, but he’s still the best ambassador!

BTS‘s Suga has always been the perfect ambassador for Samsung. While he shined with his visuals at a recent event, he also got very shy for the most unexpected reason.

BTS’s Suga | @agustd/Instagram

Before the event started, Suga had fans anticipating his appearance by posting teasers on his own Instagram.

Even before the event started, Suga was the main event of the show after an advert was shown with the idol.

At first, it seemed as if fans couldn’t see Suga, but fans and media outlets were quick to share photos and videos of the idol looking very handsome and, rightly, sitting next to the brand executives.

In particular, Suga looked like a handsome CEO from a K-Drama in many photos.

While Suga radiated CEO vibes, he also showcased his introverted personality during the actual event. Considering that he’s a brand ambassador for Samsung, it wasn’t surprising that a spotlight was put on the idol.

Suga didn’t waste an opportunity to show off his Samsung phone, which has become famous amongst ARMYs. In particular, fans loved that he had his D-Day phone case.

Of course, considering that Suga is more introverted, netizens loved how the idol instantly got very shy after showing off his Samsung to everyone in the crowd.


Of course, Korean media outlets were also there to capture Suga’s ethereal visuals. In each photo, Suga looked flawless in his Valentino suits.

As expected, Suga is the perfect ambassador for Samsung, and although he felt shy because all eyes were on him, it was for a reason.

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