BTS’s Suga Shocks Fans (& RM) With His Unusual Breakfast Drink… But There’s Actually A Reason Behind It

Would you try this wild concoction?

Yesterday, BTS appeared on NTV‘s MUSIC BLOOD to perform “Butter” on Japanese television for the first time. Alongside wowing everyone with their stages, Suga revealed something almost as astounding as the group’s talents: his breakfast drink recipe.

Given how the BTS members are always on the go, whether they’re performing for fans or preparing for a comeback, it’s important that they keep their energy up with good nutrition. So, it’s good to hear that Suga has a routine breakfast drink he makes to keep healthy. However, ARMYs couldn’t prepare for finding out the wild ingredients he uses.

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Talking to the MUSIC BLOOD host, Suga laid out what goes into his breakfast drink. Most of the ingredients sound delicious together: almond milk, bananas, and blueberries. On top of this, Suga also adds protein powder. But the final ingredient is so unexpected, you’d be forgiven for thinking Suga was joking: chicken breasts.

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Suga explained that he mixes up chicken breast with the rest of his ingredients, likely in smoothie form. While chicken breast can be delicious served up on a plate, fans just couldn’t believe he’d ingest it in the form of a drink.

Even RM could be heard repeating, “I hate it!” in the background while Suga was relaying his recipe.

But as… unusual as Suga’s chicken smoothie sounds, it’s not as crazy as you might think. There is actually a line of thinking behind drinking chicken in a smoothie. In fact, several years ago, American actor Zac Efron revealed that he drinks blended chicken breasts too. But why?

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It’s all to do with bodybuilding. In order to gain a lot of muscle, you need to eat large amounts of lean meat like chicken. However, eating so much chicken breast in its usual form can be difficult and make regular meals particularly boring. As such, many have taken to blending up chicken breasts in smoothies to get their needed dose of protein with ease.

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According to many proponents of the trend, if you add other tasty ingredients to the smoothie and blend it well, you can barely taste the chicken breast at all. On top of the workout Suga gets from performing, he’s also known to exercise regularly, so it’s no surprise he needs to keep his protein levels up.

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So, although Suga’s smoothie may sound unpleasant to most, don’t judge him! It will all pay off next time he flashes his muscles on stage.


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