BTS’s Suga Drops A Mysterious Tweet For Ed Sheeran, Further Sparking Collab Rumors

Suga literally just did that!

BTS‘s Suga just directed a tweet towards English singer-songwriter, Ed Sheeran, leaving only a mysterious message of “hmm… this is for you“.


The photo Suga uploaded seems to be a track in the works. Not much could be seen from the photo, but the track seems to be nearly finished!


The only thing really hinting at any possible detail is that Suga saved the project as “ED SHEERAN ST ROUGH”! (But what does that even mean?!)


It could most likely be the track Ed Sheeran mentioned during a recent interview, where he revealed that he sent a song over to BTS to “mess” with.


Although nothing about the possible collaboration or its potential for release has been announced, ARMYs are already living for it!