BTS’s Suga Explains Just How Much Juice WRLD Means To Him

Suga was featured in the second trailer for the album.

Juice WRLD‘s “Girl of My Dreams” featuring BTS‘s Suga was recently released, and fans are loving it!

Juice WRLD | @juicewrld999/Instagram

The song is about Juice WRLD falling in love with the girl of his dreams, and both he and Suga wrote beautiful lyrics for the song. “Girl of My Dreams” is from Juice WRLD’s second posthumous album, Fighting Demons.

Fighting Demons album | @juicewrld999/Instagram

Suga previously worked with Juice WRLD on the song “All Night” from the soundtrack to the BTS World mobile game. Suga, RM, and Juice WRLD worked together to create this absolute banger of a song.

In the second trailer for the Fighting Demons album, Suga reveals just how much his “Girl of My Dreams” and “All Night” collaborator meant to him.

BTS’s Suga | @agustd/Instagram

In the album trailer, Suga says that he loves Juice WRLD’s talent.

| Juice WRLD/YouTube

Suga also reveals that he “personally related a lot to the messages he tried to convey.” 

Juice WRLD’s lyrics are often filled with stories of heartbreak in young love and struggles with anxiety and depression. He doesn’t shy away from sharing his deepest emotions in his songs. His raw honesty endeared him to millions of fans, including Suga.

| @juicewrld999/Instagram

As a musician himself, Suga could deeply relate to Juice WRLD’s message. Ever since BTS debuted, they’ve been very open in their lyrics about the struggles that young people face, and they’ve also written songs about their emotions, too. Suga’s “Interlude: Shadow” is a great example of how he works his emotions into his music, just like Juice WRLD.

Suga in the “Interlude: Shadow” video | HYBE LABELS/YouTube

Suga’s lyrics on his mixtapes as Agust D are also incredibly raw and personal.

Suga’s first mixtape as Agust D | BTS/SoundCloud

Both Suga and Juice WRLD tap into their emotions to write incredible lyrics, so it’s no wonder that “Girl of My Dreams” turned out so beautifully! Thanks to both artists for creating music that millions of fans around the world can relate to.

See the full trailer below.